Carver-Hill High School Activities




 The Carver-Hill School staff provided a number of school activities doing it's history that enhanced the lives of students. The activities were associated with both sports and academics.  Carver-Hill High School activities reflected over into the everyday lives of former students.  Many alumni who perform well in our society today and over the years say that the joys, hard knocks and work from Carver-Hill High School life played an important part in their success and helping them solve their problems in our society today.

While football and basketball were the major two activities, a host of other activities were provided:

Miss Imogene Monroe was the school's first Miss Carver-Hill for 1954-55. Miss Chineta Wilmer was named Miss Carver-Hill for 1955-56. Miss Wilmer won the contest with $83.00. She was a resident of Ft. Walton Beach, Fl.


Carver-Hill High School Homecomeing Parade 1960



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