Historical Marker



Historical Marker Unveiling

Mr. Samuel Allen was on hand to help Mr. J. C. Connor, chief information officer for the Okaloosa School District, unveil a historical marker commemorating the site for the former Caver-Hill High School, which now serves as the Carver-Hill Administration Complex for the Okaloosa County School District.

Mr. Allen and his wife Caroline Baker Allen spent a large part of their lives and teaching careers teaching at Carver-Hill High School. They taught at Carver-Hill from the time it opened in 1954 until it closing in 1969 and could hear the school bell ring fro their near by home where he still lives today! The historical marker means a whole lot to Mr. Allen and the many proud Carver-Hill High School Alumni that also attended the proud unveiling.

In recent years, the Carver-Hill Administration Complex has been renovated.  Okaloosa County Superintendent of Schools, Alexis Tibbets credited Mr. J. C. Connor for convincing the school district to renovate the Carver-Hill site.


PROUD ALUMNI: Former students and teachers from Carver-Hill High School pose for photographs
commemorating the placement of a historical marker at the school site!

Joni James Borjesson of Sweden

A Visitor and Friend of Marion J R Kent, PhD, class of 1959,  posed for a photo doing her summer 2010 visit.


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