Carver-Hill High School Classrooms



When Carver-Hill High school opened it had 12 classrooms, 18 teachers, a gym and auditorium. "It was hands-on. The teachers were hands-on. They'd push and push you. I don't think I'd be where I am or what I am today if it wasn't for those teachers", are a common statements made by many Carver-Hill School students.

Many of the classrooms and teachers were connected doing the life of the school.  The science classroom, Mr. Samuel A. Allen;  the business classroom, Mrs. Caroline Allen;  library, Miss Lucille Hawkins Butler;  gym, Mr. Elliott Freeman; home economics, Mrs. Lillian Davis and industrial acts, Mr. Harold Powell.

The Carver-Hill cafeteria served as a multi-purpose room and is currently the room where staff, alumni and friends of Carver-Hill High School come together for  Carver-Hill School Annual Alumni Fellowship Night as part of May Day Week activities.  The gym also served as the auditorium.  All class graduations where held in the gym/auditorium.


Carver-Hill High School Business Classroom

Mrs. Caroline Allen, Teacher


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